Net Room

It is internete café where couple can make themselves at home or some can use as their base of business trip and tourism from short to long time.
We serve soundproof and comfortable privacy with lock.

Regarding membership registration
You can access the Internet Room without a membership.
For all the branches within Tokyo, to use a service exceeding the 1DAY plan you will need a membership. 。
Please present a valid ID upon membership registration.
Free Wi-Fi
個室 喫煙エリア パウダールーム ランドリー
オンラインゲーム 350機種以上配信 オンラインゲーム 350機種以上配信
Q.Can you make reservation for 12 hour pack or hourly pack?
You can make a call or you can go directly to the store.
Q.How many days in advance can I make a reservation?
Depending on the reservation volume, although we do not accept reservation over a month in advance.
Q.If the reservation is not made 3 days in advance will you still accept the reservation ?
As a general rule, we do not take web reservations on the day itself or 2 days in advance. However, if you call directly to the store branch and there is a vacant space we may accept the reservation.
Q.If I cancel the reservation, is there a cancellation fee?
No, we do not charge a cancellation fee but please make sure to call us to cancel your reservation.
Q.Is it possible to go out half way through?
Yes, it is possibe to go out anytime within the utilization time.
Q.Is it possible to store baggage?
Unfortunately, we do not accept baggage for deposit.
Upon arrival please store your baggage at the coin locker inside the store.
Q.Is there an age limit?
According to the healthy development protection for the youth act, 16 years below are prohibited to be admitted 18:00 onwards, 18 years below are prohibited to be admitted 22:00 onwards,It is also prohibited to stay between 23:00 to 4:00.
※The regulation varies by area, thus the service may also vary by store branch.
Q.Is there a children's price? 
As a general rule we do not charge children who are 12 years old and below.
For children who are 12 years and above will be charge the regular rate and membership can be made by presenting a valid ID.
Q.Is a membership mandatory? 
Based on the regulations of Tokyo, all the of the branches within this area requires customer to register for a membership.
※For branches at Kanagawa and Saitama we require membership registration for 1 Day plan and above.
Q.What does the deposit mean in the price list? 
Deposit is the amount of money decide upon entry. Upon exit the amount of time money that you did not use will be returned.
Q.Is it allowed to bring food and drinks inside?
It is possible to bring food and drinks inside. Please feel free to use the microwave and the hot water at the common area.
Q.Is it possible to smoke?
All of the rooms are non-smoking.
If you wish to smoke, please smoke at our designated smoking room.
Q.Can I use Word and Excel? 
There is a part of the store where it is accessible. For the other branches we have KingSoft. It is compatible with Microsoft office thus you can open MS files with no problem.
Q.Can I use the printer? 
Printing is possible in all rooms. However, it will be printed out at the front desk. Please settle the payment there.